Auto Auction In The Round LLC

A completely new method in auction selling.

U.S. Patent #9,691,100

Auto auctions have operated for decades with the auctioneer blocks in a straight line. In The Round brings to the industry a totally new design and method. Buyers will have the ability to bid on every unit. The seller's units will be exposed to every buyer.

This design shows three selling arenas.  

Each can accommodate six to twelve auctioneer blocks.

This facility has an on site hotel and a runway to accommodate small to medium aircraft.

Auto Auction In The Round is designed for every buyer to walk away with their full compliment and do it in one day. Consignors will feel that their running in a good position, their units are bringing more money, their sales percentage is up and in turn increase their consignment.

Our unique design provides an environment for buyers and sellers that currently doesn't exist in the Auto Auction Industry. This will give these new facilities an immediate advantage and instant major market share.

Auto Auction In The Round LLC